Groomie Multi-purpose Silicone Dog Brush by FouFou Dog

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Give your dog a great grooming experience with the Groomie Multi-purpose Silicone Dog Brush by FouFou Dog!

  • Two side brush and massager
  • For short or long hair
  • 100& silicone
  • Wet or dry brush
  • Hair remover for furniture and cloths

Why We Love It:

Use Groomie dry or damp and brush in circular motions against the direction of the fur to loosen hair, dirt and dander. Work from the tail to the front of the body. Complete the grooming session by stroking the fur back into place. For an enhanced and effective bathing session, brush Groomie over wet coat with pet shampoo to work deep into fur. Rinse fur and use Groomie to brush out any tangles and stroke fur back into place. Every dog loves a gentle massage. With Groomie's acupressure side, massage gently over dog's belly, back and head to help relax you dog. Use Groomie's acupressure side damp or dry to remove fur from clothing, furniture and upholstery. Ideal for your pet's favorite couch and car seats!